Final Presentation

Week 9: Final Projects

This week, each group presented their final projects. I had planned to present with my group on our project about bread during our usual class time on Tuesday, but due to the last-minute change of plans to present all the projects related to food during the Fiat Lux class that afternoon, I was unfortunately not able to attend the presentations because I had already made plans and would not have been able to make it in time anyway.

Update on Final Project

Over this past week, Sung and I have decided to collaborate under the unifying theme of "Targeting Plastic Pollution". After speaking over Zoom, we have concluded that we will introduce our combined projects with a title slide representing this universal theme and then individually delve into our respective proposals on how we each in our own unique way intend to achieve such goals, myself through the use of mycelium packaging and Sung with remaking plastic waste into household items. 

Final Project Progress

    This blog will focus on the updates of my final project. My final project will be conducted through Ableton Live. I will be using the data from Coronavirus and I will be translating that data into sound and potential sound sculpture. After hearing the talk with Bill Fontana I was amused and interested in the idea of a sound sculpture.

Final Project

In an effort to address the harmful effects of mass production and electronic waste in our societies today, my project focuses on sustainable DIY electronics. DIY projects are one way to reduce our consumption of products and lower our footprint on environmental damage. DIY projects often use materials you've already purchased or are immediately available and producing these projects often doesn't require the resources used in a large scale industry. However many DIY projects, especially DIY electronics, are not sustainable or environmentally friendly.

Final post

My final project was done with Aaron who jumped aboard my idea and offered to help code it. The idea was a speculative expansion of several studies related to gut microbia and our personalities.


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