week 2 - maize, bread, & optical microscopy

For the second week we were assigned to make or bring bread. We were given the option to take bread from a dining hall, buy one from a store, or bake. I decided to bake bread because one of my friends had shown me how to make bread during winter break. Interestingly enough, the recipe was fairly simple and I had most of the ingredients already at my disposal but I did end up having to buy yeast and the flour. One of my roommates also brought some fresh rosemary from her garden at home.

week 1 - hexagons, pencil making, and microscopes


This week in class we learned a variety of things including the structure of carbon (a hexagon) found in nature, listened to our breath, explored the manufacture process of what how to make a pencil and an eraser, and lastly viewed with our own eyes a microscope so advanced, that it can create an image of an object measured in microns. 


Ruth Lee - Week 1 Blog: Hexagons, Pencils and Ecology

This week, I was fascinated by the lecture and informational videos we watched about the interconnectedness of hexagons in nature, graphene, graphite, pencils and the overall ecology of such products which require a global network of supply chains to produce. I think times like ours, in the wake of pandemics and economic insecurity, have made the common consumer more aware of the delicate nature of supply networks than ever.


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