WEEK9-10: Final Project Presentation

As the final project presentations were underway, I couldn't help but feel impressed and inspired by the creativity and hard work that each group had put into their projects. The first day of presentations focusedon food-related projects, and it was truly a feast for the senses. Each group had prepared their own dishes, ranging from kimchi to soba and even homemade kombucha. As we enjoyed the delicious food, we also had the opportunity to learn about the stories behind each dish and how it was made. It was clear that the groups had not only experimented with food but had also thought deeply about their creations.

On the second day of presentations, I was immediately drawn to a stunning skin-textured dress that was hanging in the middle of the room. The dress was a simple projection mapping technique that had been used to project images of flowing skin textures onto the white fabric. While projection mapping in fashion design is not a new concept, the visual style and techniques of this project were particularly effective and eye-catching. The way the scars and other skin details flowed on the dress was so realistic that it almost felt like the skin was breathing on the piece of cloth. It was clear that a lot of thought and effort had gone into creating this unique and thought-provoking project.

Another project that stood out to me was Matthew and Alexia’s children’s picture and poem book. The hand-drawn illustrations and sincere poetry combined to create a meaningful and philosophical piece that connected the immersive universe to our tiny lives. The concept was touching, and I found myself wishing that they would print the book so that I could own a copy myself.

Overall, the final project presentations were a testament to the creativity and talent of the students in the class. I left feeling inspired and excited to see what they would create in the future. It was clear that each group had put their heart and soul into their projects, and it was a pleasure to witness the amazing results.

Yama and I also present our divination project with AR for the final. It was a crazy week because we had done so much: card design, 3d modeling, Unity animation and AR testing. Luckily the test worked out in the end and we had the AR prototype on our phone to show the class. We also heard of nice comments and suggestions from Professor Vesna and the class. We will continue our prototype and maybe build it into a stronger exhibition piece in the future.


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