Week 8:

For week 8, I caught a bad flu so I missed the class. However, I heard Yama told me about the fascinating trip to visit the meteorite gallery on the South campus and the rooftop at Bolter Hall. Although I missed the class trip this time, it is lucky that I had a chance to see the mercury and moon in my freshman year in 2019 on the rooftop. It was for my EARTH, PLANETARY AND SCIENCE 9 class as a GE class. It was so fascinating to see the texture of the planetaries on a telescope with bare eyes and learn about the mystery of the universe. I am also interested in studying more about the different momentum of each solar system that Santiago mentioned in the past weeks: the planets with less momentum are safe and peaceful, while the furious planets with more momentum and cause collision can also create lives at the same time.

Due to the light pollution, we could hardly see any stars in the sky with our bare eyes. Yama told me that the average brightness of the sky increases by 9.6% annually due to artificial urban lighting. While Los Angeles has bright and clear clouds and stars at night, China faces a different reality with severe air pollution. The country has been struggling with the hazardous levels of pollution for years, affecting the daily lives of its citizens. The air quality index in China has often exceeded 500, which is considered hazardous to health. The pollution levels have caused respiratory problems and other health issues for many people, including children and the elderly. The poor air quality has also impacted the visibility of stars and clouds, making it difficult to see them at night. The government has taken measures to address the issue, but it remains a significant challenge for the country. It made me wonder if future generations would have to rely solely on museums to appreciate the beauty of the stars. The visit to the planetarium and observatory telescopes on the rooftop of Boelter Hall was truly an unforgettable experience. 

Also , I wanted to share an update on our project. Yama and I recently had a virtual discussion on Zoom to talk about the theme and format of our project. During our conversation, we also took the opportunity to learn about the mechanism of tarots, which has been an essential part of our project. The discussions helped us to gain clarity on the direction we wanted to take with the project.After we had a clear idea of the project's direction, we started to split the tasks between us. I had the opportunity to learn more about building AR scenes with Unity, which has been a fascinating experience. The tutorials have been incredibly helpful in helping me to develop my skills and understanding of the process. Overall, the project is progressing well, and we are excited about the possibilities. We believe that this project will be an excellent opportunity to showcase our skills and creativity while also helping us to learn and grow as individuals. We look forward to sharing more updates with you as we move forward with the project.

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