Week 9- Week10

Week 9 unfortunately I had left broad before class and went to the hospital because I was experiencing breathing problems. I ended up having a lung infection! Huge bummer. But my classmates who made projects about food presented their final research and pieces to the Food Studies class. I'm sure they all did amazing.

I was still recovering but luckily felt okay to come to class for Matthew and I's final presentation! Although I could not speak much in my condition Matthew was kind enough to do a lot of talking. We presented our book demo, of our rough completed children's book "The Universe is Kind." We read the book to the class and received very kind comments from everyone. We ended up changing our book title from "And the universe said" to "The Universe is Kind." after speaking with Santiago. I had asked him this very question. He told me that, yes, the universe is kind. Because it gives us choices and lets us do many things. I'm so grateful to him for offering his kind and beautiful words, and some of his time in his busy schedule. Overall I was so happy to share Matthew and I's story. This book means so much to me. Growing up, my mom always told me that on the ranches in Mexico where she lived as a child, she could see all the stars. Then as I grew up I always found myself looking to the sky for answers. During the stay-at-home orders in the height of the 2020 pandemic, I found peace in going outside my home and looking up at the sky, and imagining all the life in the world, and all the possibilities. It is what always reminded me that we are never alone. Then throughout my college life, I experienced great loss. I had a constant feeling of dread and grief that was difficult to overcome. I felt like my chest was turning into a black hole sucking me in further and further. Then I took astronomy and learned more about the universe. This comforted me so much. I learned about the life and death of stars, and how they shine above us mapping the history of the universe. And I learned how everyone I loved and everything around me was stardust. I thought this was so beautiful dn honestly it comforted me so much. Then after speaking to Santiago, who also found comfort in the stars, I knew that this book was what I wanted to do. 


After class, I registered for the food studies class next quarter! And spoke to Victoria about continuing to refine and publish the book. :)