Week 9: Food Studies Tasting & Final Group Project Presentations

Week nine started with the food studies and fermentation presentations. My class peers brought their food study dishes ready to share with the rest of the class. My favorite was Louis’ mint and pineapple kombucha. It was surprisingly bittersweet, a taste that crept up slowly and lingered in the back of my throat. It was quite a refreshing and delightful treat.

Thursday, we held our final group project presentations. Bela and I met two hours before class to spray paint our mannequin and finish coating our T-stand rack for our clothing. Luckily, everything dried in an hour, so we could head into the classroom early to set up our projection mapping dress. Max joined us and brought the rest of the Human Print collection with her. We ran into a few problems setting up the projector. When I tested the mapping in my apt, I could perfectly project our microscopic skin images on the dress. Still, when I set the projector in the classroom, I encountered tech issues with the camschnapper function. I had no other option but to adjust the projection by manually altering the height and distance of the projector to the dress. Overall the projection worked well, but not as I initially hoped.

It was a great week. After our presentation, we listened, explored, and played with our classmates’ final projects. I’m glad we could present our process and progress, and I’m looking forward to expanding the project with Bela and Max. Perhaps, exhibit at the Art | Sci gallery in the Spring quarter.