week 9

There was a last minute request for us to present our project early, so we rushed to bake three loaves of bread, photograph all our breads and ingredients, prepare our slide deck, and design our poster over the weekend. I was responsible for photographing and editing all the bread pictures, and adding them and laying out the Venn diagram on our poster. I was also in charge of carrying three loaves of bread to class.

It was great watching our fellow food groups' presentations, I was proud of all our efforts to prepare our projects in addition to cooking and serving food to a class of students on such short notice. I really enjoyed Charles and Rachel's Chinese and Vietnamese fusion interpretation of the Hox Zodiac. It was nice to see a project on the Hox Zodiac told through an authentic Asian lens, especially since it's supposed to be based on the Lunar calendar which comes from traditional Chinese culture. I found Snake and Dragon very refreshing because I've grown sick of seeing projects that take the Chinese Zodiac and appropriate it for an artistic purpose that has nothing to do with its original cultural significance, almost completely stripping it of its initial meaning.

I also enjoyed learning more about the history of kimchi. I'm half Korean but I had never before delved this deeply into the history of kimchi and its many different types, contrary to popular belief. Thursday, we got to see many more amazing projects. I particularly enjoyed Alexia and Matt's children's picture book about grief and the nature of the universe, it was very beautiful.