WEEK 6: Project Development, Pitches


Tuesday’s class was an opportunity to seek feedback on our projects, we fleshed out our final ideas and started narrowing down what exactly we are aiming to do for this project. There was some tension because of some of the comments that were not helpful to the piece but rather seemed to grade us on a rubric we had not been informed of. We did get some feedback from the class on whether or not the projection idea would be feasible.

Final Projects in class


 On Thursday we had studio time. We finalized the idea of projection onto a dress, and later that week went to the fashion district to outsource fabrics and start gathering materials for the finished pieces. We visited eight different shops, and we got an amazing deal on canvas for five dollars a yard. Jess, Maxine, and I were able to also find a meshlike fabric that resembled the mycelium fabrics we discussed in class. Even just seeing the fabric was inspiring and we had a number of ideas on how to creat layerable pieces that would work well together. We have been working on some clothing designs but are waiting to create the mannequins until we have the finished clothing so we can properly size and accommodate that. Next on our to do list is just to finish sewing the pieces and Jess is working on the projection mapping we had planned to do over the whole piece as well as figuring out the technology behind the live feed projection element. We also visited the Art department’s print lab to see if we could get access to start officially printing on the fabrics but have not been able to get a hold of anyone yet, we are planning to go back tomorrow as well. We also are still in the process of gathering texture based content to put onto our fabrics.

Fabrics at fashion district, the shop we bought fabric from



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