Blog Post #9: Diagram & Project Proposal

    Since in-person instruction began our class has taken on a new shape. We have had more room to explore, more freeform education, and now more time to work on our final projects. Although untraditional, this experience has been beneficial for my development as an artist and designer. It’s given me more time to find my niche in the science x design subculture. And additionally I haven’t stopped making connections between the things we’ve been learning about – as exhibited above. 



Part 2: 


Sustainable Shoes

Project Proposal by Nikolai Garcia and Henry Barbera

Mission statement:


 The ultimate objective of our final project for DMA 160 is to find a potential solution to the unsustainable flaws within product design. For this design case study, we will focus on revising/reinventing the fabrication process of pop sneakers to produce a net-positive environmental impact. We’re done with the false virtue signaling from larger corporations in an attempt to fool consumers into believing that they are making a difference. No more fancy cash grabs. No bullshit. Mad transparent. 



Elevator Pitch Problem: 


Product manufacturing and sales have never had to care about sustainability until it began to affect their profit margins via the will of the “woke” consumer. 




Research Topics:


Production Line:


We will begin our research process by examining the current way that sneakers are designed and subsequently produced. Through the examination of popular sneaker brands’ production lines we will find the ways in which waste is produced. With this newfound knowledge, we may create a list of issues and begin to solve them with our following research in materials science. 


Materials Science:


After the issues in production have been discovered and isolated we will begin looking into the materials that may serve as solutions. 


For example we have already begun looking at:


Alternative Materials:


SCOBY Leather

Mycelium Leather

Vegan Suede

Algae foam

Rice rubber

Yellow Dent corn Rubber


Recycled cork (wine bottles)

Merino wool

Upcycled wool cloth

Vegan Nylon


(Sugar cane, coconut husks, 









Target demographic:


 Anyone with feet who cares about earth. 






Nikolai: Research, 3D model sculpting

Henry: Research, 3D model texturing, Web Dev


Sample Web Design


**Annotated Bibliography TBD