FINAL + Illustration

To finish off this class, I felt that it would be cool to illustrate a visualization of my connections chart. I chose to do this by drawing each topic covered in class as an individual character all falling under the major connection I made: sustainability. In this case, the sub topics are depicted as ‘children’ and the major connection is portrayed as the ‘mother.’ Each individual subject; pencils, bread, scoby, fungi, kelp, plankton, algae are portrayed in this illustration. I wanted to add my own touch of creativity to this final collection of topics. Additionally, I want to point out that each character is portrayed intentionally to have nonhuman characteristics. In contrast, I drew the mother ‘sustainability’ to be clearly human. My intention here is to shed light upon the impact that humanity can have on all these topics. Much like how children are impacted by their familial life during their youth, these issues of sustainability can be corrected through human interaction with nature. The future of our planet rests in the hands of humanity’s better judgment. It’s time to do better and make the sustainable choice to keep our planet beautiful and loved rather than continue the destruction of our natural world.