Topic connections


I created this diagram to connect all the topics we covered in class. And it seems like most topics are related to sustainability. And this class actually inspired me a lot on Biomaterials and how natural materials could be environmentally-friendly utilized to create new things. And I sort of combine things I learned from this class with the research I’ve been doing for another special topics class. This class has really expanded my knowledge of the sustainability aspect and I am glad for it. 

Starting the quarter with graphite, we learned about the deforestation and hexagons in Nature in which the huge amount of trees for pencil production has surprised me and led me to think if there are any eco-friendly alternatives out there. Connecting with sustainability, we learned about Biomaterials from Scoby which is one of my favorite topics we covered in class. Before this class, as someone who loves drinking Kombucha, I have never imagined that Scoby could be made into clothes and become wearable. Although Scoby hasn't been widely used for clothing, it is good to know there's an eco-friendly alternative for plastic, fabric that won’t hurt our environment. Also, I enjoyed making our own Kombucha! (now we all can save a lot of money haha). And I personally will encourage BioFabric development in the future and I believe we can definitely reduce much pollution by that. In the topic of Mycology, I was amazed at how flexible and effective Fungi could be as a biomaterial. And it is good to know some companies like IKEA have been using it as a new type of packaging material. And then, we learned about natural dyes from Kelp and Algae. I love this topic! And I really enjoyed the workshops! Before, I only knew natural dyeing for food, such as turmeric latte, butterfly pea tea, and Pandan cake. And I have never imagined I will be collecting plants out there and do natural dyeing at home. It was a remarkable experience for me stepping outside during the pandemic. Also, I learned more about this topic while I was doing research for blogs. Generally, I am so thankful for taking this class which has provided me with a special learning experience.