Overall Connections

I started making a diagram between all the topics we covered each week in class. The boxed titles are the overarching topics for the week, while the circles are overlapping subtopics. I noticed a trend of everything relating back to sustainability, being eco-conscious, and becoming inspired through nature and design. Throughout several weeks there was a lot of overlap between researching bio-materials and sustainability within manufacturing, particularly textiles, leather, dye, and thread. It got me more interested in bio-couture and I didn't realize how many bio leather alternatives there are. Another prominent topic we discussed was food. Mushrooms can both be eaten and made into bio-materials through mycelium, similarly to scoby leather and drinks. It makes sense to think of what you put into your body and don't, versus what one puts into nature. The earth deserves even more care with plastic and micro-plastics being a serious issue. Thus, the replacement with bio-materials is evermore crucial. The topic of pollution also came up often as well, from noise pollution to plastic to manufacturing. Most importantly, we looked over unique aspects of nature that was very inspiring. From hagfish to the millions of fungi species and kelp, we took a closer look into a specific parts of nature and their special properties and processes. Biomimicry design ties heavily to sustainability, which I found very interesting and relevant. We looked at the current state of Earth through a critical lens and discussed changes to be made. Nature, design, and the overall environment are closely linked and intertwined.