Noise Aquarium + Noise Pollution

In class, we enjoyed some clips of the Noise Aquarium and Ocean meditation together. First of all, I really like the idea of the Noise Aquarium as I have never imagined how people can dive into the Ocean and listen to what marine animals will be listening to which I guess mankind is not able to do so. It is so sad that we cannot enjoy it in person during the pandemic. However, watching the meditative video in class (especially with a headphone on), it relieves my stress and widens the horizon of feeling myself as a marine animal. 


I’ve been doing research on how plastic waste threatens marine animals, but I just realized noise pollution also has something to do with it from Thursday’s lecture. As Professor Vesna mentioned, sound is actually a huge part for marine animals to communicate, navigate, and also hunt, for example, dolphins and whales. Therefore, I was looking for more art projects related to noise pollution in Ocean, yet there are not sufficient amounts of finished projects like Noise Aquarium. But I found an inspiring video “How noise pollution threatens ocean life” produced by The Economist on Youtube, it introduces Michel Andre’s project in which they are trying to capture all the underwater sound by an “Artificial Ear” they created and send it back to an “Artificial Brain” so as to understand how mankind has been affecting the marine life better. Though I couldn’t find more artworks related to this topic, I am glad that at least there are some scholars attempting to solve this problem and protect marine life.