Kombucha and the possibility to replace plastic

The process of making kombucha is more simple than I thought and it was so fun that I finally made one on my own. I used two English Breakfast tea bags and added dark Muscovado sugar instead of white sugar, therefore, the color of my kombucha is pretty dark. I left some space in my mason jar but not sure if that’s enough for my kombucha to breathe. I am pretty worried if mine will explode. I will definitely check it every week and upload its picture to my blog. I hope the first time making kombucha will be successful. 


Before class, I thought Scoby was only a drink starter for making kombucha. Therefore, I was surprised when Maru showed us some artists used biomaterials from Scoby to produce Biocouture, for example, jackets, gloves, and card holders. I had never thought about clothes that could be made from biomaterials. And it reminds me of a Plastic Waste research I have been doing in another DMA studio class that biomaterial products might have the ability to be alternative to plastic because of its reusability and sustainability.

While I was looking up for more examples of biomaterials replacing plastic, I also found out there is a research by Penn State University, “they developed a completely compostable material consisting of treated cellulose pulp from wood or cotton, and chitosan, which is derived from the mountains of leftover shells from lobsters, crabs, and shrimp consumed by humans”. The material is environmentally-friendly and reusable in which the Penn State team also predicts it might be utilized into foods for reducing fat.


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