First time making bread + Hunger

This week, we watched videos showing the traditional way of making bread. I have never baked one myself but my mom used to bake Hong Kong-style sausage buns, which is similar to hot dogs, for me and my younger sister for breakfast when I was in high school. I guess it’s more a Hong Kong local thing. Therefore, I was very curious about how my bread would turn out during the class.

I attempted twice but still couldn’t get my yeast foaming up at the end. It should be bubbling because Emma and I used the same yeast from Trader Joe’s and hers was bubbling. But the bread turned out pretty good so I am guessing there’s not much to do with the bubbling. 

The process was so fun. My dough doubled in size the next day but I found it so watery so I added more flour and mixed it with my hands. I baked it with a lid for 20 minutes at 460F and without a lid for another 10 minutes.

The bread turned out pretty good with steam coming out. I shared it with my sister and she was so surprised that this was my first time ever baking bread. The crust is so crispy and very moist inside. I had it with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and I can’t wait to make it again.

I have never thought about making art with bread until I saw the one Professor showed in class which led me to look up more art projects related to bread. And I found out Grain Foods Foundation has launched a project called the Bread Art Project which consumers can customize their own bread by uploading their favorite images for free. GFF will donate $1 to Feeding America for every single bread art created. This project aims at raising the awareness of hunger. It is good that an artist can make art and contribute to society at the same time. And I am definitely going to order my own piece of bread. Also, "In 2009, visitors to created more than 25,000 pieces of Bread Art and helped raise $100,000 for Feeding America."