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Week 5: Saffron and Brain Holograms

 On Tuesday, Maryam Razi shared her work in progress board game, HOX Zodiac. Maryam is a graphic designer, eyewear craftswoman and independent curator based in Tehran and Southern California. She spoke of her HOX Zodiac dinner party in Tehran in which she asked a chef friend, Shahram Javanbakht, to prepare dinner for 15 guests; the main course was a baked fish fillet on a green silky round bed.

Week 3: Lunar New Year, Kombucha, and Plasma


This week we celebrated the Lunar New Year/Year of the rabbit at the botanical garden amphitheater. We had Korean sesame snacks, chocolate desserts, Japanese corn puffs, and Kombucha! As we walked through the botanical garden I felt as if we were traveling through different biomes; some areas felt rainforest-like while others were more reminiscent of grasslands. 

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