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During this week, each group presented their final projects, which are so inspiring and impressive to me. On Tuesday, groups who did topics with food brought us a “feast”, food they made themselves, including Kimchi, soba, Kombucha, bread, as well as cucumber. It is interesting to have a chance to eat food made by our classmates and to hear the stories behind each dish. I think it might be hard to think deeply while cooking a certain food during our daily times, so those projects could afford the group time and chance to think and experiment with food more profoundly.

WEEK7 BLOG Microscope, Noise Aquarium, and Alien Star Dust

During Thursday’s lecture, we spent a long time diving into the fascinating micro world using a digital microscope. From observing sample slices like a slice of onion, a slice of fly leg, to our skin, tattoo, scars, doll, and scoby, we gained an unforgettable experience in seeing all these tiny but gorgeous structures and patterns. We were so surprised and fascinated by the micro beauty inside each macro object, and I saw people’s mouth were wide-open, and eyes were sticking to the images shown on the screen.


On Tuesday, artist Maryam Razi led a short guest lecture, mainly talking about Hox Zodiac, the board game she designed. She designed the entire visual style, element, and fonts of such a project. I was impressed by how she integrated the structure of genes (DNA)into the letters, and how she used the embryos to represent each sign. The design elements and styles she chose are extremely organic, vivid, and “biological”. And the game mechanism is also quite interesting, particularly the part that every player should come up with a story for each recipe card.

WEEK1 BLOG Graphite, Carbon, Pencils

Even though I missed the first lecture, I heard that the main topic discussed during the first lecture was Carbon and pencil. I think to take “Carbon” as the first main topic was a great start to the whole course, since Carbon is considered the most basic element in life, and we can say that Carbon creates our life and the Earth. Carbon is a chemical element with the symbol C and atomic number 6. It belongs to group 14 of the periodic table. According to research, Carbon makes up 20% of the weight of an organism, and it is essential for them to live, grow, and reproduce.

WEEK4 BLOG Magnetism, Aurora, Field

On Tuesday, Dr. Walter Gekelman gave us an extraordinary lecture on magnetism, from introducing the basic concepts, and the essential equations, to discussing the principle of Aurora and Tokamak. Each of us got a piece of magnet, and we played with the magnets and observed the phenomenon of how the different poles attract each other, while the same poles repel each other. It was fun to play with the small pieces of magnets during class, which made me seem like going back to my primary school physics class. Dr.

WEEK 2 Bread, Maize, Nanotechnology

        As a former Biology major student, I have lost my connection to the life science realm for nearly two years. Nevertheless, taking the course this week awakened my memory and knowledge of biology once again. After immersing myself in the art and cultural world for about two years, I now comprehend biology from perspectives that are more philosophical and artistic.

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