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Week 2 Blog: Maize and Microchips

This week, choc-full of multi-sensory experiences, was certainly one of the most memorable weeks I've had during the span of a quarter in my college experience—and allowed me to draw upon many interconnected fields of prior knowledge that made me appreciate the subject matters we explored all the more. I'd like to address the unique topics we discussed on each day, so the sections to follow are divided as such. 

Ruth Lee - Week 1 Blog: Hexagons, Pencils and Ecology

This week, I was fascinated by the lecture and informational videos we watched about the interconnectedness of hexagons in nature, graphene, graphite, pencils and the overall ecology of such products which require a global network of supply chains to produce. I think times like ours, in the wake of pandemics and economic insecurity, have made the common consumer more aware of the delicate nature of supply networks than ever.

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