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Week #7 - Junie Kim

This week we began independently working on our projects. Aileen, Stella and I dived deeper into our "Mukjah!" project, honing into what we would like to present to the class and how. As we were researching kimchi, we were really intrigued that each variation had its own unique history. To highlight these histories, we plan on making a poster or diagram specifically for this section. We split two kimchi variations per person (six in total).

Week #6 - Junie Kim

This week we began planning our final projects. My group consists of me, Aileen, and Stella. A topic that we have talked about at lengths throughout the preceding weeks is fermentation. Through these conversations my group members and I were reminded of kimchi, a popular fermented Korean side dish. As we are all Korean, we are interested to learn more about the history and scientific process of kimchi and its fermentation. We aim to present these things in an artistic manner by producing posters. We plan to split roles by variations of kimchi.

Week #3 - Junie Kim

Although I was unable to attend class in person this week, I reflected on class discussions made by reviewing my classmates' blogs and doing my own research on the subjects listed on the agenda.

Week #2 - Junie Kim

We began Tuesday’s class by sharing our pieces of bread and taking a more in-depth look at bread and wheat. Professor Vesna acknowledged a question that most of us were probably thinking, “what does bread have to do with art?” As she continued, we realized that the techniques of creating the bread, with sometimes as little as three ingredients (flour, yeast, water), were a complex and artistic process.

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