I am building a mesh network inspired by networks and swarm behaviours. When we think about swarms, we typically visualize flocking behaviours of birds and insects. They move as individual autonomous entities, but work and act together to accomplish common goals.

There are many mathematical models to simulate this phenomenon, producing complex group behaviours and patterns with simple sets of prescribed rules to individual agents:

  1. Separation

Earth Day app, Fungi, horseman and the bible apocalypse

I really appreciated the work of Finnish artists Pekka Niittyvirta and Timo Aho that Group 1 had presented. The installation titled Lines is a visual representation of potential elevated sea levels should we continue down this trajectory. It manages to convey complex ideas in a simple, effective and beautiful way.

Currently, especially given the limitations of the digital platform, there is a heavy emphasis on data visualization that is dependent on graphs, or charts or maps. How do we spread awareness in a way that is alarming but not overwhelming?

Earth Day

Air & pollution

The Designer Behind Smog Diamonds Wants To Bring To Beijing A ...Designed by Dutch company Studio Roosegaard, the Smog Free Tower is a 7 m tall and 3.5 m thick outdoor air purifier. It was presented as a potential solution to air pollution in urban spaces and brought to life via a Kickstarter campaign in September 2015.

Malt, yeast and hops

I take a sip. The liquid enters my lips, flows down my throat and into my belly. Another sip and the warmth spreads through my body.  Another sip, this time I hold it in my mouth, swirl it around with my tongue and I become acutely aware of the intimate relationship I have with my beer.



Ken and Julia Yonetani, The Last Supper, 2014, Murray River Salt, 9 x .72 x 1.22 meters


"From the artists:

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