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Turmeric Paint

On Thursday we learned about Sasha's journey as an artist and bio-materials. I didn't think I would be interested in Sasha's life, but I was dragged in. I could relate to her struggles using harmful supplies since I was ceramic/ sculpture orientated when I first arrived at UCLA. I remember my high school portfolio had a lot of roofing tar in it and I just threw them away after I was done with documenting them. While looking at Sasha's pictures throughout college, I realized that art is a very wasteful field.

Stepping Outside

Today I went out for the first time in 2-3 weeks to collect invasive plant species. I took my dog with me, which meant I wouldn't be able to walk for too long because he's fat, old, and lazy. The good thing was that when I went through the list of California's invasive plant species the night before, I recognized a lot of the plants. If I knew they were invasive plants, I would've uprooted them while I was young so I could get away with it... Anyways, I just decided to walk through my neighborhood and see what I would come across.

My Childhood

I enjoy watching "How It's Made" videos so I thought the video about pencil production was very interesting. I did feel bad a couple of times throughout the lecture since I was really wasteful as a kid. I remember snapping pencils in half so it would become really small and then sharpening it until it was sharp enough to stab someone. I really liked the sharpened grooves on IKEA's pencils so I remember I would grab them all and stuff them in my mom's bag.

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