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The hidden history of indigo pigment

I am so glad that we did another seaweed natural dyeing workshop in class, and it really has widened my horizon of how capable natural creation could be. So in Sasha FIsherman’s workshop, I chose egg yolk as my natural binder, and I took a photo right after I added a pinch of the indigo pigment powder which I found the colors and the texture look so great together. The mixture was pretty thick to be honest, I guess I should have added some water into it to make it smoother.

Noise Aquarium + Noise Pollution

In class, we enjoyed some clips of the Noise Aquarium and Ocean meditation together. First of all, I really like the idea of the Noise Aquarium as I have never imagined how people can dive into the Ocean and listen to what marine animals will be listening to which I guess mankind is not able to do so. It is so sad that we cannot enjoy it in person during the pandemic.

Natural Dyes and update on my kombucha

In class, I tried the first-ever natural dyeing in my life (thanks Emma!) and before that, I didn't even know what the purpose of collecting those invasive plants was during the hike. I know some natural dyes in food, like Indian turmeric rice and Butterfly pea flower tea. But I never imagined people out there are trying to do natural dyeing with ingredients that are out of my expectation, for example, chestnuts, onion skins, and brazilwood.

Mycelium Kit and the potential of biomaterial

Being quarantined for almost a year, it is so nice to get some fresh air outside, especially in nature. This weekend I went to Laguna Beach Cliff Hike with my sister and her puppy Willow for collecting invasive plants. The process was pretty interesting because my focus was looking for invasive plants instead of hiking so it turns out like a Scavenger Hunt game. I wanted to collect eucalyptus on the trail, however, there was a lot of shrub and it was not easy to find eucalyptus trees.

Kombucha and the possibility to replace plastic

The process of making kombucha is more simple than I thought and it was so fun that I finally made one on my own. I used two English Breakfast tea bags and added dark Muscovado sugar instead of white sugar, therefore, the color of my kombucha is pretty dark. I left some space in my mason jar but not sure if that’s enough for my kombucha to breathe. I am pretty worried if mine will explode. I will definitely check it every week and upload its picture to my blog.

First time making bread + Hunger

This week, we watched videos showing the traditional way of making bread. I have never baked one myself but my mom used to bake Hong Kong-style sausage buns, which is similar to hot dogs, for me and my younger sister for breakfast when I was in high school. I guess it’s more a Hong Kong local thing. Therefore, I was very curious about how my bread would turn out during the class.

Graphites and pollution

Being in an environment where we all have ample resources, it is so easy to neglect the price behind it. I was amazed by the discussion on the process and the number of natural materials to produce single graphite and it also rang the alarm bells in my mind that we are overusing the material around us.
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