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Week 7: Snake & Dragon Project Process

This week, Rachel and I wanted to test out and experimented with different foods for our dinner. The dish that I created was a Crying Tiger Steak that consists of New York Cut Steak that has been marinated with Oyster Sauce and white pepper. Alongside the steak, there is a sauce that I created that is made out of: Fish Sauce, Lime, Garlic, Sugar, Salt, Cilantro, Green Onions, and Shallots.

Week 6: Project Progress

Week 6: (2/16)


We did more research on our animals and when it came to the table setting, I found out that the Snake’s lucky flower is the orchid and the Dragon’s flower is the hyacinth. I think we can incorporate elements like these into the table design alongside the retrospective color, element, and other characteristics of our animals.

Week 2: The Microscopic World: Corn, Labs, Tether, & Taiwan’s Chips

Alvaro Azcarraga was our guest speaker for Tuesday and he introduced us to the world of corn and grains. Azcarraga introduced us to the milpa system which is "a traditional agricultural system in which maize is intercropped with other species, such as common beans, faba beans, squashes, or potatoes” (Lopez-Ridaura). This system is also known as The Three Sisters and has been used throughout history by various indigenous tribes in North America.  


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