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WEEK 8: Final Project Progress

Description: I am continuing my research, and I recently got in contact with the honors students! I hope to incorporate their research into my app as well as a booklet that I will create with my research, vision, and about the app. 


20 toxic ingredients

  1. Paraben

  2. Phthalates (Dibutyl Phthalates)

Week 7

One of the topics that intrigued me was from the guest speaker on Monday where we learned more about CRISPR technology. I still had difficulty understanding CRISPR technology, but after his presentation and discussions I was able to understand the technology better. The genome is made of ATCG and the genes are laid out on the DNA. Each gene is different, and they each have different roles and characteristics.

WEEK 6: Designer Humans

After talking about the CRISPR technology in class, I was intrigued about how genome engineering is becoming not only advanced but accessible to the public. I encountered the CRISPR technology for the first time last week, and I was interested in the concept of designing humans and what the boundary is for scientific breakthroughs. What is the limit yet allowing the possibilities for scientific breakthroughs?

WEEK 5: Research into the Cosmetic Industry (South Korea vs US)

As I dug deeper into research on cleaner cosmetic industry in South Korea and United States, I found that the consumers are the leading reason for what companies will sell. With my journey as a Korean-American growing up in California, I was always split between the different products in the two countries. I wanted to bring in my personal experience into this project.

Week 1: Workshop Makeup - Waste

During the class discussion, one of the videos that shocked me was “E-Waste Hell” on Youtube. Furthermore, the discussion lead by one of the presenters Vera Wittkowsky about where phones go after they become obsolete was very interesting. A lot of the people in class stated that it goes into their drawers, and I had to agree that the small electronics at my home also are placed into the drawers in our kitchen.

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